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What Williamsburg Means

In the New York of today, Williamsburg has a firmly-established reputation as a mecca for young artists, style-conscious travelers, and new ideas. Williamsburg offers much more than that as well. There are certainly undertones still to be felt that are left over from the neighborhood’s rougher days in the …

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Everything You Need to Know about the Residents of Williamsburg

If you immediately equate Williamsburg with a certain cultural pastiche, you’re not alone. And with good reason. The neighborhood has been the epicenter of culture in Brooklyn for years. And while the area has certainly changed recently, with an increase in new construction and more livable units, its core …

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How to Have a Perfect Day in Williamsburg

Whether you’re a tourist spending the weekend in Brooklyn or a native New Yorker hopping on the L for an afternoon getaway, Williamsburg lends itself well to day trips. It’s mixture of outdoor activities, Bedford Ave shopping, and reclaimed industrial hot spots have turned it into one of the …

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How Williamsburg Defines Brooklyn – Nightlife

When you’re planning a night out in New York City, there is certainly no shortage of options, no matter what type of venue or kind of music you’re into. For a long time, Manhattan was the only place to go to get a taste of authentic NYC nightlife, but …

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Williamsburg vs Manhattan

If you ask any New Yorker whether they’d rather live in Williamsburg or Manhattan, you’re likely to get an answer full of strong opinions. Of course, these opinions will vary considerably from one person to the next, and so deciding between the two comes down to figuring out what …

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7 Things You Must See in Williamsburg at Least Once

New York City has no shortage of great neighborhoods to explore, but Williamsburg is high on that list, and for good reason. There are endless possibilities for how to spend your days in this great hipster oasis across the river from Manhattan, and several of them you should make …

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How Williamsburg Defines Brooklyn – Culinary Choices

Williamsburg has come to define and represent much of what people think of when they think of the Brooklyn brand. This is the epicenter of Brooklyn’s cultural identity, and only growing. For this reason, there are hot spots here you won’t find anywhere else in New York City – from …

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How Williamsburg Defines Brooklyn - Bars

At the heart of the booming Brooklyn shopping and retail scene is a vibrant nightlife, highlighted by some of the most frequented and buzzed about bars in the city, all in the heart of Williamsburg. As one of the center pieces of the Brooklyn brand, Williamsburg has come to …

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Best Spots to Snap a Photo in Williamsburg

Williamsburg has become a haven for NYC locals and tourists alike, attracting a cross-section of New York culture that has come to define the Brooklyn brand in recent years. So it’s no surprise that visitors from out of state and overseas flock to Williamsburg to snap photos of many …

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